Baby Teething Comfort Tips

Baby Teething Comfort Tips

Posted by Dr. Young H. Kim on Jan 4 2022, 07:38 AM

The appearance of the first tooth in your baby’s mouth is an important milestone in their life. Although the timing varies, primary teeth or milk teeth usually start to erupt by the age of 6 months. Teething is a common cause of discomfort in babies and consequently causes considerable distress to parents.

If you are looking for an expert dentist to handle your baby’s teething issues, visit Dr. Young H. Kim at Lincolnway Dental Center in Aurora, Illinois, for specialized care. 

Classic Signs of Teething 

  • Excessive drooling
  • Irritability or crankiness
  • Chewing on objects
  • Sore or tender gums
  • Slight increase in temperature

Ways to Comfort Your Teething Baby

There are several ways you can comfort your baby in this difficult phase. You may try the following methods to help ease their discomfort:

  • Massage the Gums With Your Finger or a Wet Cloth

Lay your baby on the bed and massage their gums gently with your finger or a piece of gauze. You can also freeze a clean, wet cloth or a rag and give it to your baby to chew on. This helps decrease gum inflammation.

  • Feed Cold Foods

Feed foods such as apple sauce, yogurt, or frozen fruits like mashed banana to babies who can eat solid foods.

  • Offer Teething Biscuits 

You can offer teething biscuits to your baby when they are 8 to 12 months old. However, pay attention to their gum hygiene. To protect against cavities, wipe the gum area and teeth with a clean cloth after they eat.

  • Teething Ring, Toys, and Pacifiers

These are easy for the baby to grasp and provide the pressure needed to soothe their sore gums. The toys can be refrigerated to help numb the gums and relieve pain.

  • Pain Medication

You can talk to your dentist about providing over-the-counter medications to alleviate your teething baby’s pain. Your dentist can advise you on what works best. 

It is not advisable to use teething gels and tablets containing lidocaine or benzocaine for babies under the age of 2. These can be harmful and often numb a baby’s mouth, causing issues with swallowing. 

Following these comforting tips will help you deal with your baby’s teething issues more effectively. Also remember that good oral hygiene starts early. The American Dental Association recommends scheduling your child’s first dental visit as soon as their first tooth appears. 

For any queries or to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, contact Lincolnway Dental Center at (630) 897-1300 or reach us at 648 North Randall Road, Aurora 60506. 

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